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The following are some of the reasons in brief:

  • Magnificent Wildlife – Tanzania is the best country in the world in terms of high-quality Game, numbers and variety.
  • Wonderful scenic beauty ranging from the Great Rift Valley to the seemingly endless plains of the Serengeti.
  • The biggest unbroken crater in the world – Ngorongoro Crater.
  • The tallest free-standing mountain in the world – Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • The Biggest fresh-water lake in Africa and the third biggest in the world. It is also the source of River Nile – Lake Victoria.
  • The longest and deepest Lake in the world – Lake Tanganyika
  • Rich culture including some of the proudest people in Africa – Maasai. Hunter and gatherers near Lake Eyasi and the countless farming communities.
  • A haven for Bird watchers with over 500 different species. Terrestrial, flying and migrant birds are in abundance. Some migrate from as far as Europe to Tanzania during different seasons (Lake Natron)
  • Wilderness Trekking through areas of amazing natural beauty Ngorongoro Highlands
  • Sun-bathing on the white beaches of the Spice Island of Zanzibar.
  • Aquatic activities including snorkeling and diving in some of the most beautiful diving sites in the world off the coast of Zanzibar, Mafia & Pemba Islands.
  • Tanzania is a Peaceful country admired by everyone for its moderate policies and a stable form of governance.
  • Humble smiling people always happy to welcome visitors. we have more places to take you.


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